24 Epic Places to Eat in Budapest – A Foodies Bucket List

Budapest is the ultimate city where foodies can fulfil their culinary cravings. Walk around the city and you’ll find eateries every direction you look, all serving an eclectic selection of cuisines. From traditional Hungarian and Italian to Modern European, Indian, Mexican and more. Having such a huge selection on offer is great. However, seeking out those special spots amidst the sea of other options can be quite tough. So with the help of our local insider, Laura, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most awesome places to eat in Budapest which you should check out when in town.

“Everything-Free” Cheesecake with Blueberry and Lemon from Say Cheese

cheese cake with a off white biscuit white cheese and blueberries in them and four blueberrys on the black table.
Photo: Say Cheese

Since opening as Budapest’s first specialist cheesecake store, Say Cheese has found a firm place in the hearts and palates of dessert disciples from across the globe. Packed in cute little portable jars, this spot serves delicious cheesecakes in a whole smorgasbord of flavours. e crafted with care and come in a smorgasbord of flavours and styles. They cater to everyone, regardless of dietary requirements. With gluten, sugar, milk-free options available on top of the classic cheesecakes. The Blueberry and Lemon cheesecake is the top pick for our local foodie. However, if that doesn’t get you salivating, then take a look at the eclectic menu which will leave you totally spoilt for choice.

Location: Kecskeméti u. | Opening Hours: Wed-Sat: 9AM-8PM, Sun: 10AM-7PM

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Bun Xa from Hanoi Xua

plate with black patterns filled with carrots meat corriander at Hanoi Xua
Photo: Hanoi Xua

Ask anyone if they know any Vietnamese dishes, and the most common response would be Pho. As tasty as this Vietnamese stew is, there are plenty of other amazing dishes that people miss.  Bun Xa is one such dish. Made of pork meat accompanied by rice noodles, traditional spices, and special sauce. No one makes a better Bun Xa than the uber authentic Hanoi Xua. Their portions are huge, tasty, extra filling, and one of the best places to fuel up for winter. To truly make the most of your Bun Xa, accompany it with a Lychee lemonade or rice vodka. 

Location:  Ernő u.Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 11AM-9.30PM, Sun: 11AM-9PM

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Canele from Chez Dodo

Photo: Chez Dodo

Located right next to the iconic St Stephens BasilicaChez Dodo is an epic patisserie responsible for bringing a bit of mouthwatering french magic to the Magyar lands. It all began when the owner, Dóri, travelled to France to learn how to master the crafting french desserts. The signature sweet stuff on offer here is the Macarons, available in audacious and innovative flavours. However, their Canelé is something that you can’t leave without trying. They make mini and large Canelé´s with a decadent bourbon vanilla essence. Words cannot do justice to the delight you’ll feel when devouring them.  So please do yourself the favour and go give it a taste!

Location: Sas u.Opening Hours: Wed-Sat: 9AM-8PM, Sun: 10AM-7PM

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Chuleton at El Asador de Pata Negraanele


Photo: Asador de La Pata Negra

Chuletón is actually a Spanish-basque cut of meat, cured and dry-aged for perfect flavouring. Cooked with the rib bone still in, and the meat is so tender it basically falls off the bone. Asador de Pata Negra is a restaurant that transports you straight to origins of this dish of magnificent meatiness in Spain, from the heart of Budapest. Their Chuletón is rich, meaty, fulfilling and falls off the bone. So if you’re in Budapest and are feeling your carnivorous cravings kicking in. Then be sure to make the trip to Asador de La Pata Negra. A real gem of a restaurant and one of the best places to eat Budapest. 

Location: Paulay Ede u. | Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12PM-12AM

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Gulyas Soup from Szirom Food Bar

Photo: Szirom Food Bar

Gulyas is the probably the most well known and highly revered national Hungarian delicacy. It is a type our stew/soup made with meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika for a warm and hearty meal. However, at Szrirom Food Bar, chef Krisztian Huszar has reinvented this staple with some South Asian flavour. It’s almost certain that  With hand-made Udon noodles, Mangalica pork meatballs, a dash of fish sauce and sour egg, this twist on a Gulyas is the definitely unique and up their with the best of Budapest.

Location: Margit krt. | Opening Hours: Tue-Sat: 12PM-3PM, 5PM-10PM

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Croissants from Freyja


Ahh, Freyja “The croissant Story.”, a place uniquely dedicated to the craft of creating the very best croissants. The innovative team behind this spot have made it their mission to dispel the notion of the croissant, with an eclectic variety of flavours on offer. The stand out croissant here is the amazing duck liver mouse and pear croissant. Perfect for lunch, dinner, and afternoon snack. However, if that doesn’t sit well with your salivary glands, they recommend following a salty croissant with a sweet one, maybe perhaps the pistachio or even banana and chocolate. 

Location: Szövetség u. | Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-6PM, Sat-Sun: 8AM-2PM

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Cardamom Swirl from Artizan

Photo: Artizan Budapest

You can’t talk about bakeries in Budapest without mentioning Artizan. Using local and fresh ingredients, they bake delicious treats in small batches every day, ensuring the utmost quality. At artisan, they don’t use any additives or preservatives and guarantee that all of their baked goods are fresh and delicious. Driven by an ethos of inclusiveness, they offer a great selection of baked goods for those with intolerances, allergies, and dietary restrictions. So everyone gets to sample the fruits of their skilled team’s labour. The cardamom swirl is one of the must-try options, but head down and see what else they have in store. You won’t be disappointed.

Location: Hold u.Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 7AM-7PM, Sat: 8AM-3PM

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Coriander Basil-Tofu Sandwich from Tökmag Vegan

Photo: Tokmag Vegan Street Food

Although you’ll find the choice limited when compared to other European city’s. In terms of vegan cuisine in Budapest, there is a growing selection of options available. Tökmag is one of the local eateries spearheading the Budapest vegan revolution. They make each of their dishes with inclusivity in mind, thus their meals are created without sugar, gluten or yeast. Ideal for those of you with special dietary needs and preferences. Their meatless sandwiches are a fulfilling and palate-pleasing, perfect for a quick grab and go, or even to sit down and savour.  

Location: Hollán Ernő u. | Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 9AM-8PM

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Sourdough Bread from Panificio il Basilico

Photo: Panifico il Basilico

This bakery has mastered the art of bread making. Bread amateurs believe that great bread is defined by only needing butter, but the professional bread lovers know that truly great bread is the kind which you can still eat with nothing on top even after 3 days. Panifico il Basilico has set out to give its customers to very best bread experience, with each of their loaves ensuring that your taste buds fall in love. From sourdough, seeded, plain and more eclectic, there’s something here for everyone. They have two locations, one on the Buda and the on the Pest side. So head down and get some bread down. 

Location: Hold u. & Városmajor u.Opening Hours: Varies Per Location

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Pho from Hai Nam Pho Bistro

Photo: Hai Nam Pho

Located at perfectly in a business and university area of District 11. Hai Nam Bistro is a small and but extremely popular local restaurant. So much so that you’ll probably be seated at a table with some random people. Although this would normally be pretty awkward, it is a normal occurrence at Hai Nam. Though we recommend coming here for the Pho, which is up there with Budapest’s best.  They have a smorgasbord of other dishes that are all spectacular. From red king crab, trout and sweet-and-sour catfish. If you prefer to stick with something less exotic, go for the crunchy duck roast or wok-cooked chicken and vegetables. On weekdays between 11am and 3pm, you can also opt for their office menu. This comes with a daily soup, side dish and main.

Location: Október huszonharmadika u. | Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM-9PM,
Sun: 10AM-9PM

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Peking Duck from Won Hai

Photo: Wan Hao Budapest

Won Hao is known as little Peking, which is quite fitting as they make the best Peking Duck in Budapest. The best thing about eating Peking Duck from here is hard to really determine. From the crispy duck skin, refreshing cucumber and sauce. To the perfect little pancakes which you can use to make your own food.  If that’s got your taste buds tingling and your stomach growling, then head down to Wan Hao and try the Peking duck for yourself. 

Location: Jegenye u. | Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM-10PM,

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Pogacsa from Daubner

Photo: Daubner

In Hungary, Sunday lunch has been the most important time for family. No matter the circumstance, families gather to share a meal, which is incomplete with the traditional pastries. Pogacsa is probably the most famous of all pastries, and in the past, families would visit the local patisserie to pick up some before the Sunday family meal. Daubner has been serving family sweet and salty cravings since 1901. With countless families served every day, this patisserie ignites a strong homely feeling which can only be replicated by their grandmothers Sunday dinner spread.  

Location: Szépvölgyi út | Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM-10PM.

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Rakkot Krumpli from Stand25

Photo: Stand25

Consisting of layered potatoes, mixed with sour cream, sausage and eggs. Rakott Kumpli is a real traditional dish that every Hungaria grandmother has their own version of. For Hungarians, it the usual smells from it’s cooking ignite a sense of nostalgia and activate your salivary glands. Stand 25 is one restaurant that does this longstanding traditional dish justice. Observing all typical ingredients and best practices, while elevating them into a gourmet experience. A truly memorable traditional dining experience that you’ll find hard to forget. 

Location: Attila út | Opening Hours: Mon-Thu: 12-2PM, 6PM-10PM, Fri-Sat: 12-3PM, 6PM-10PM

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Shitake Mushroom Boar Sausage from TöLTő

Photo: Töltő

Töltő is a unique city-centre eatery that carved out a reputation for re-inventing the beloved hot dog. Using an eclectic selection of ingredients, the team have created unique flavour combinations that will set your senses on fire. From street food to pure gourmet, Töltő offers options like pumpkin seed chicken sausage, paprika, and chilli sausage and much more. However, an all-time favourite is the shiitake mushroom boar sausage. An absolute beast of hot-dog that has Budapest that street food has to offer.

Location:  Wesselényi u. | Opening Hours: Mon-Thu: 11:30AM-9PM, Fri: 11:30PM-10.30PM, Sat: 12PM-10.30PM, 12PM-9PM

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Sutamino Miso Ramen from Komachi

Photo: Komachi Bistro

Komachi is a must-visit spot if you’re in Budapest and looking to chow down on some tasty Japanese food. The restaurant has a menu jam-packed full of Japanese delights, all tasty and guaranteed to take your taste buds on a trip to the far east. There’s alot on offer but the ramen here is the undisputed best. There are many variations of ramen, from Shoryu ramen made from a soy sauce. The authentic Hokkaido Miso variation, as well as a sesame seed oil-based Shio. Komachi has a great selection of Japanese wines to go along with your ramen

Location: Kertész u.Opening Hours: Tue-Sat: 12-3PM, 5PM-10PM

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Langos from Langos Land

Photo: Langos Land

Lángos, the popular Budapest street food staple that packs on the pounds with its trifecta of caloric ingredients. To put it in short, it’s made of fried dough, shredded cheese and sour cream. This is a year-round food, which truly becomes iconic in the summer as you eat by the Balaton Lakeside. Ask any Hungarian what their childhood comfort foods were, and Langos will undoubtedly appear at the top of the list.

Location: Lövőház u.Opening Hours: Mon: 7AM-3PM, Tue-Fri: 7AM-5PM, Sat: 7AM-2PM

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Tartufata Pizza Slice from Pizza Me

Photo: Pizza Me

Pizza Me is the ultimate place to grab some palate-pleasing pizza. Open late into the night it is perfect for all times of the day. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick slice to go, or in search for some late-night food in Budapest after a big night out. The selection of pizza on offer is extensive. From classic Margherita to the signature tartufata, and even a sweet Nutella pizza if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous. There are over 10 locations spread throughout Budapest, so no matter where you are, one thing you can count on is that you’ll have a PizzaMe nearby.

Location: Various Locations| Opening Hours: Varies Based on the branch

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Hurka Blood Sausage from Belvarosi Disznotoros

Photo: Belvarosi Disznotoros

Belvarosi Disznotoros is Budapest eatery to go and try some weird and wonderful Hungarian dishes. Blood Sausage is one of them. Yes, it sounds pretty gut-wrenching, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You’ll go in with a preconceived notion, but will be converted after the first bite. Seriously it’s deliciousness will leave your mind and palates pleasantly surprised. Make sure to pair it with a slice of sourdough bread and pickled vegetables. Bloody delicious as they would say in England.

Location: Király u.Opening Hours: Mon-Thu: 10AM-10PM, Fri-Sat: 10AM-12AM,
Sun: 10AM-8PM

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Pan-Seared Foie Gras from Pasaret Bisztro

Foie Gras

I know that this is an acquired taste, but once you fall in love with foie you fall hard. No other place can make it quite as well as Pasaret Bisztro. A real gastronomical gem that is hidden in the heart of Buda inside a bus station. Every dish in here is worth a try but this is their signature one, and what absolutely mouthwatering belter it is.

Location: Pasaréti térOpening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-11PM, Sat-Sun: 9AM-11PM

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Shakshuka at Konyha


Hidden in the heart of the Budapest’s 7th DistrictKoynha serves a great all-day breakfast. The bagels are spectacular, and it has recently incorporated a green concept store in the upstairs. However, their Shakshuka is the real deal. A hearty, warm brunch classic that has the most eggcellent yolk to dip your bread into. The Shakshuka base is made with poached eggs, chilli peppers and tomato sauce, with a few additional ingredients like cumin, paprika and cayenne pepper thrown into the works. A truly delightful treat for your taste buds.

Location: Madách Imre útOpening Hours: Tue-Thur: 9AM-11PM, Fri: 9AM-12AM,
Sat: 10AM-12AM, Sun: 10AM-5PM

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 Traditional Soup at Menza

Photo: Menza

Soups are a prominent part of the traditional Hungarian cuisine. Menza is a retro-style Budapest restaurant that is reminiscent of the ’60s. The skilled chef’s at Menza always finds a way to heighten simple dishes even if just in their presentation. Take a simple yet hearty soup, which is transformed as it’s served in an epic oversized tea kettle, adding an extra layer to the fun!

Location: Liszt Ferenc térOpening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-12AM

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French Onion Soup from Deryne Bisztro

Photo: Deryne Bisztro

Soups are perfect winter eats that warm your palate and soul. At Deryne Bisztro, the must-try dish has to be the French Onion Soup.  After one bite you’ll feel as if you’ve been taken mini-trip to the Parisian heartlands from where this bistro is inspired. The flavour and textures of this dish really deliver. From the cheese, t perfectly soaked bread, the caramelised onions. All combined make for a rustic culinary escapade that will fulfil your hearts desires.

Location: Krisztina térOpening Hours: Mon-Thu: 7.30AM-12AM, Fri: 7.30AM-1AM, Sat: 9AM-1AM, Sun: 9AM-1AM

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Fresh Homemade Pasta from 2Spaghi

Photo: 2spaghi

2Spaghi is the brainchild of three Italian friends who are fixated on lush fresh pasta. Their core value in their own words is “eating our pasta should always be a way to discover (re-discover) the tradition of Italian homemade food,”. By following this ethos,  they are able to bring light to the very best Italian recipes. They do not consider themselves a restaurant, they are more of a concept store and laboratory.  They have ample space to sit down and enjoy their fresh pasta with homemade sauces. Go in, grab a nice pasta dish and say ciao to your hunger and Szia to great-tasting pasta.

Location: Gozsdu PassageOpening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-11PM

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Cubano Sandwich from Torokmez

Photo: Torokmez

A Cubano is a variation of a ham and cheese sandwich originated in cafes catering to Cuban workers in Florida. It is a cheap breakfast option that gives you the energy to go through the day. Torokmez is a homey, cosy little cafe tucked away in the Buda hills where you can sample this Latino staple. They also serve a whole selection of brunch classics, getting inspiration from all over the world.

Location: Margit utca | Opening Hours: Mon-Fro: 8AM-10PM, Sat: 8AM-4PM, Sun: 9AM-3PM

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If you’re a foodie in Budapest, then be sure to also check out some of other amazing spots we’ve covered. From Budapest’s best cafes, to the awesome craft beer bars and much more. Oh and don’t forget to download the Like Locals app, available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices.

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