Season opening Garden Party

As the last years aswell, we have hosted our 3rd Season opening Garden Party in July (hopefully next year it’ll already take place in April or May), where we prepared again some traditional dish for our guests and had some live music made by Davina & Mariam, a german and a georgian girl both living in Budapest and being friends of our Hostel.

Chef László, who worked the full first year next to the House, and was a guest cook the last year, joined us again this time and we prepared a bean goulash together with the usual Bogrács technology, now we created one dish what was in the same time traditional hungarian, but also vegan and hilal compatible so we can make all of our friends joining us.

After eating enough and tasting some beers, we had Davina & Mariam performing for us, with some really nice songs and their beatiful voices. Here is a video to give you an idea how it looked like:

Season is on!

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